Purpose Pushers Co-Author – Rhonda Ragsdale

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Rhonda L. Ragsdale was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and she is the youngest of three girls.  She is Auntie to the wonderful group of young adult women.  God has allowed her to mother these young women and for some of them she helps to fill a void that exist because of missing loved ones.  She’s been wise counsel, a mentor, a spiritual adviser, an auntie, and a friend to them.  Rhonda strives to love, admonish, and support them in a way a mother would.  She is immensely grateful for these young women and they bring joy to her heart.

Rhonda serves as the Director, Christian Education for the Gospel Outreach Community Church and is a Certified REAL Women Facilitator and is the lead facilitator for the REAL Women Northern Virginia Sister Circle.  In her “day” job, Rhonda works as the Deputy Director leading over 130 staff conducting audits to help ensure Department of Defense has operations in place to train, equip, and organize to meet the Department’s mission.  Rhonda earned Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Morgan University, and a Master in Public Policy Management from Georgetown University.  In addition, she earned a Master of Divinity from the Samuel Dewitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University.

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