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The Lioness Leads: Stories of Triumph Over Fear is a collection of powerful and dynamic narratives of women in leadership for women in leadership. Despite the internal and external challenges associated with being a woman in a leadership position, there are numerous stories of women who have silenced their fears, overcome the obstacles and triumphed through the boldness, authenticity, courage, and an unapologetic mindset. This compilation of narratives captures the stories of 14 beautifully brilliant and powerful women who have defied their fears and excelled as women in leadership. Whether in government, business, healthcare, Christian ministry, education, or the non-profit sector, this anthology is designed to be a tool of inspiration, motivation, empowerment, and encouragement for other women who lead. The Lioness Leads: Stories of Triumph Over Fear – $19.99

Stay On Your Birth Control: The Things You Don’t Know About Single Parenthood is based on Jennifer’s personal experience and added testimonies of single and divorced parents who candidly and unapologetically share the struggles and challenges they encounter daily while raising their kids. This book is a straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is dose of reality to make you fully aware of the difficulties you may encounter if you, too, become a single parent. The stories bring awareness for childless men and women to really consider their goals, values, choices, and dreams before kids – and to remind them that is is also OKAY to not have kids if they are not ready for that level of responsibility. It’s also fitting that this book outlines different types of birth control to help you weigh your options and make informed decisions about life. Stay On Your Birth Control: The Things You Don’t Know About Single Parenthood- $17.99

Just the Two of Us: A Guide for Single Dads Raising Their Daughters gives an eye-opening view of how a dad shifts, almost suddenly, from having a family to being a single dad of a young daughter. Kelson gives the reader a father’s perspective of what it’s like to raise a child while balancing daily life, work, childcare, dating, and more. His vulnerability and honesty usher the reader into the unspoken, and often overlooked life of a man raising a child on his own, particularly a daughter. You’ll see his strength and tenacity in creating a new life for a party of two, and you will be inspired to find love, forgiveness, joy, and fun in the process of starting over again. Just the Two of Us: A Guide For Single Dads Raising Their Daughters – $14.99

When Loneliness Visits invites you on a journey through Keah’s personal experiences and your own reflections, to explore how loneliness can result in negative beliefs, isolation, and toxic behaviors. This book will inspire you to shift from a path of self-destruction to a path of self-discovery – learning how to confidently address loneliness when it comes to visit.  When Loneliness Visits – $14.99

Purpose Pushers: The Journey of Discovering & Walking in Your Life’s Purpose highlights the real life stories of 20 women in different phases of their purpose journey. Each story will inspire women to become a Purpose Pusher, no matter the age or stage in life. Purpose Pushers: The Journey of Discovering & Walking In Your Life’s Purpose – $19.99 


REAL Women On the Journey: A Traveler’s Guide for Everyday Life is a guidebook full of personal stories from REAL Women who are on the journey with you. In it, you will discover strength found in authenticity, vulnerability, and grace for each misstep, struggle, and obstacle. You will also witness great victories after major defeats. This collection serves as a travel guide in that it provides insight into emotional, physical, and mental spaces that have been explored; the language of self-love; and the best sights to enjoy while trekking through unknown territories. Each chapter will inspire you to keep moving forward, no matter what challenges you face. You don’t have to carry loads of baggage on your journey; it’s possible to travel lighter. Let us show you how…. REAL Women On the Journey: A Traveler’s Guide for Everyday Life – $15



Dear Ms. Wholeness is a captivating letter to the woman who desires to overcome her painful relationship past and walk in victory. The riveting personal testimonies of heartbreak and triumph will inspire women to view the challenges of their past as stepping stones to their true destiny. This book will challenge women to embrace every aspect of who they are, seeing themselves as whole and complete, lacking nothing. A woman walking in wholeness is a force to be reckoned with because she is powerful, strong and equipped to love and serve others.  Dear Ms. Wholeness – $14.95       


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Living For Today: Inspirations For the Soul is a compilation of daily devotions to help women from all walks of life live with a renewed sense of hope. From the spiritual, to the practical, this book offers the reader encouragement for overcoming life’s challenges and live their best life now. Each entry seeks to comfort the reader through the experiences of others who have conquered some of life’s most challenging obstacles. A daily dosage of these inspirations will help the reader develop an awareness of the power and purpose that dwells within and empower them to live and walk into a life of new beginnings.  Living For Today: Inspirations For the Soul – $10

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