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Moanne Joseph is a certified Personal Trainer and CEO at Key 2 Me Fitness, LLC, a private gym based in Charles County, Maryland. Her mission is to help women unlock the best in themselves through health and fitness. She has helped clients achieve goals in and out of the gym from running their first race to creating healthier life habits. She lives by the motto: eat well, move more and love yourself.

Moanne’s journey with health and fitness started 11 years ago. She had to discover what it means to live a healthy life after experiencing weight gain and health challenges after the births of her children. Moanne was determined to take her health into her own hands. It was then that she discovered her passion for not only learning about health and fitness but teaching others how to live a healthier life. She became a certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise in 2013. She has since helped women create a plan for conquering weight loss through better nutrition and regular exercise and encourages them to love themselves while doing it.

Moanne is a wife and mother of three young children. When she is not in the gym, you can find her caring for her family, racing her children at the park or listening to music.  Moanne also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from Fordham University and a master’s degree in Paralegal Studies from George Washington University.

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