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The Lioness Leads: Stories of Triumph Over Fear captures the stories of 14 beautifully brilliant and powerful women who have defied their fears and excelled as women in leadership. Whether in government, business, Christian ministry, education, or the non-profit sector, this anthology is designed to be a tool of empowerment and encouragement for other women in leadership. Each woman’s story will be nestled into one of the four areas: I AM BOLD, I AM AUTHENTIC, I AM COURAGEOUS, I AM UNAPOLOGETIC.


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MaRhonda Echols was born and raised in Danville, Virginia, and currently resides in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Upon completion of her B.S. Degree in Human Services from Old Dominion University, she began her career in the Criminal Justice and Human Services field. She has worked as a Victim’s Advocate in the local prosecutor’s office to serve youth and families that have been victims of a crime and are now involved in the criminal justice system. She has also been a community outreach coordinator, and a program manager for an initiative focused on providing positive opportunities to youth and young adults that have identified as gang members or at-risk youth. In that position, she also helped to start a summer work program that was responsible for providing work training and experiences to over 1500 youth and young adults over a five-year period. She currently serves as a community resource coordinator in which she is responsible for connecting youth and families to needed services in partnership with the local law enforcement agency.

In addition to her professional career, MaRhonda is very active in her local church, Christ Church Ministry in Hampton, VA. She has served in various capacities, such as president and advisor to the Young People’s Auxiliary, Christian Education facilitator, choir director, media ministry, and other capacities as needed. She is passionate about serving young people and grateful that she has been allowed to do so in both her professional and church life.

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