Purpose Pushers Co-Author – Kimberly Cleveland

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Kimberly Cleveland is a marriage and wife guru, international speaker, author, blogger, ladies’ ministry leader, and event producer. She has been featured in SwagHer magazine, Glambitious magazine, The I am Dr. Sharon Radio Show, Cheryl Wood’s Impact the World Radio Show and Creating your Seat at The Table Live Radio Show.

Having been a wife and experiencing the pain of divorce, she knows what to do and what not to do. She has spent 20 years being coached, mentored, studying and teaching on the keys to marital success. Not so long ago, she took a leap of faith and found purpose through her pain and passion and created The Wife University! She specializes in compassionate, heartfelt and powerful personal development. Kimberly encourages you to start with a healthy love of self and to heal from the pain from your past. She also equips you with a strong spiritual foundation on the divine design for marriage and provides you the steps to develop positive change in yourself and your relationships to help you reach marital success.

For those single women who are looking to get married, she provides them with the tools and strategies needed to prepare for marriage and become amazing wives. She supports wives through the difficulties that they face in their marriage and challenges them to always take their wife skills to the next level.

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