Author, Vernon B. Kelson II


I had it all: a thriving career, a wife, kids, and a dream home. In an instant, all of it was gone. I went from being a married man in a family of five to a single father with a one-year-old daughter. How in the world did I get here? 

Just the Two of Us: A Guide for Single Dads Raising Their Daughters gives an eye-opening view of how a dad shifts, almost suddenly, from having a family to being a single dad of a young daughter. Kelson gives the reader a father’s perspective of what it’s like to raise a child while balancing daily life, work, childcare, dating, and more. His vulnerability and honesty usher the reader into the unspoken, and often overlooked life of a man raising a child on his own, particularly a daughter. You’ll see his strength and tenacity in creating a new life for a party of two, and you will be inspired to find love, forgiveness, joy, and fun in the process of starting over again. 


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Vernon B. Kelson II (aka) Kelson, is a multimedia personality that was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. Kelson graduated from Towson University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Media & Film: Radio Concentration in 2005. Prior to graduating, Kelson had already begun his career in radio. With radio, he literally “started from the bottom”. He went from intern to Operations Manager over a span of 20 years.  Through his career in radio and TV, he has attended some of the biggest awards shows in music and interviewed some of the biggest names in music while hosting his number one Afternoon Show, “Kels In The Afternoon.”  In 2018, Kelson welcomed his first child with his ex-wife. In 2020, Kelson began chasing two new passions – cooking and becoming an author. Kelson launched ‘Kels World Entertainment LLC’ to host his “Cookn’ With Kels” brand where he teaches people how to cook from his heart and soul. Radio, TV, self-taught Chef and Author are just some of the things Kelson has under his belt before the age of 40. Although he has met a lot of people and have held a lot of titles, his favorite and most cherished title is being called ‘Dad’.

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